A selection from the Uye Surana Instagram during my time as Creative Coordinator

Managing your brand’s social media channels while meeting your objectives often feels like a lot to keep up with — because it is!

Good social strategy should have a clear point of view that’s channeled through every image, sentence, tag, and emoji. It requires a balance between consistency and variation to keep audiences engaged, exciting, and craving more.

Keeping up with and thinking about your strategies for social should never feel like an obligation, or low-ROI and time-consuming. It should feel rewarding and be expressive of your brand’s vision and intentions, while driving value for your brand and your audience.

I believe social strategy can and should do all of that, while being results-oriented and just as beautiful and refined as the rest of your work.

With over five years of managing, planning, and analyzing social media strategy, I channel insight and utilize my varied skillset to devise and execute content plans for social that work. I’ve worked with small brands to develop a voice while spurring growth and conversions, and I’ve managed busy editorial social schedules with fast-paced communities and sharp, snappy copy.

Let’s develop a social plan that will help you identify the audiences you need to engage, expand your reach, and meet your objectives, whether they be branding or business related. Contact me here.