Hi! I’m Lohla.

I’m a digital marketer with a strong background in creative and technical execution across digital experience. I focus on sparking engagement through digital strategy and captivating audiences through an analytics-oriented approach to driving business initiatives.

Check out my resume here, contact me below, or browse above for some highlights on my professional life.

More about me as a person.

I live in Jersey City with two very photogenic cats and almost-too-many pink decor pieces. Friends know me for my eerily accurate astrology readings and never-ending skincare recommendations. I’m also the friend you text when you need someone to proofread an important email for grammar and tone.

I can be slightly nerdy about fashion history and digital spaces. I am frequently frustrated (yet captivated) by things like the lack of standardization or adjustability in clothing sizes, and often find myself brainstorming accessible ways to fix common problems in fashion. (Now that I’ve already helped out with “bralettes that work for all shapes and sizes,” next on my list is probably “sensible pockets in women’s clothing.”) I’m interested in the ways that brands can do better, whether that be through more ethical production, meeting their customers’ needs more accurately, or creating imagery that reflects a greater and more nuanced representation of diversity.

In my free time, I can usually be found making some kind of digital art, investing way too much time making a spreadsheet out of something for my own entertainment, or checking out new places in my city with my friends.