Lohla Jani


I’m a digital marketer with nine years of experience in social media and e-commerce, particularly in fashion and lifestyle verticals.

I combine an analytics-oriented approach to driving business initiatives with a pitch-perfect sense of brand voice and a background in creative execution across digital spaces.

I bring a technical, tactical foundation of knowledge and a holistic understanding of digital experience to various touchpoints while comfortably navigating high-level strategy.

I’m efficient and thoughtful about delivering insights and driving effective initiatives.

I pride myself on developing strategy that centers long-term goals and cultivates deeper audience relationships, while maintaining an agile approach to day-to-day business.

I champion data and believe that analytics should be insightful — giving us opportunities to dig deeper, learn, and adapt with confidence.


  • Strong understanding of HTML & CSS and practical knowledge of Javascript. Comfortable navigating data infrastructure and using tools like SQL queries.
  • Extensive practical experience with analytics tools and a variety of exposure to social, email marketing, CRM, and other platforms. Experienced with Google Analytics, MailChimp, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SocialFlow, Facebook Business Manager, HootSuite, and more.
  • Experienced using data-backed insights to inform design & content strategies. Thoughtful about utilizing and working with data to answer questions and find solutions.
  • Experienced with community management. Clear, personable, and brand-aware communications with customers and clients.
  • Skilled in social content creation & curation. Experience with directing and managing in-house and on-set content production.
  • Very comfortable with Photoshop / Adobe Creative Suite. Moderate experience with video production / editing for social content.


Kenneth Cole Productions

CRM Manager | May 2018 – present, promoted from Consumer Intelligence Analyst + freelance SEO 

  • I manage our email program, CRM strategy, and help oversee our editorial/promotional calendars from high-level strategy down to execution.
  • I work cross-functionally to execute brand and commerce conversations across consumer-facing touchpoints, including affiliate marketing, SEO/SEM, paid social, display advertising, SMS, and email.
  • I drive reporting and audience insights for performance marketing and digital initiatives. I analyze the consumer and connect audience insights to strategy that supports digital business through performance as well as owned-and-operated, organic channels.
  • I partner with internal and external creative and dev teams on all things data and digital, and manage agency relationships to execute day-to-day strategies and operations.
  • I provide support for SEO and consumer-facing digital copy.

Uye Surana Lingerie

Creative Coordinator / Social Media Manager | Feb 2015 – December 2017, promoted from intern

  • I owned and developed all social and marketing strategy. I helped build the brand’s reach while refining and articulating its mission of authentic inclusivity.
  • I integrated analysis from my hands-on experience running ecommerce operations, utilizing insights to generate new marketing initiatives, optimize digital merchandising and web design, and inform the creative aspects of social content.
  • I created content for and managed all social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Wanelo, YouTube, etc), focusing on audience growth and increasing engagement.
  • I refined the influencer relations program, devised PR pitches and managed contact list research and sample requests, and worked in various customer-facing capacities.
  • I managed email marketing, promotional campaigns, and product launches, often on tight deadlines. I assisted with photography, graphic and web design, and digital ad placement for these launches. I identified opportunities for stronger branding (and improved conversions) within campaigns and their execution.
  • I refined internal and external materials, including a full overhaul of the brand’s site and product copy, policies, and navigational structure. I instituted a clear, enticing, recognizable communication style and channeled the brand’s voice through every detail from contact forms to store policy and product. My efforts optimized branding and expanded conversion opportunities while improving user experience.
  • I designed press pitches, lookbooks, and other promotional materials for end consumers, journalists, stylists, and stockists.
  • I oversaw a team of up to three subordinates at a time. I coordinated and shot photoshoots and video shoots for social channels, editorial production, and the brand’s original blog.
  • Finally, I planned, cast, directed, designed, and managed the execution, content and fulfillment of the brand’s crowdfunding campaign, which overfunded and received positive press coverage.
  • My work directly contributed to year-over-year audience, sales, and conversion growth.

Selected features on the brand and my experiences: Refinery29 | Nylon |

Freelance Writer + Social Media Editor

  • I have experience formulating sustainable, creative strategy and content plans for social media.
  • I’m thorough, quick, and detail-oriented with creating images and written content that embody brand voices while engaging audiences on an intimate, personable level.
  • I have a background working with a variety of clients, from small start-up brands to individual creative projects to editorial settings with a wide and vibrant existing reach.
  • Experience styling, directing, managing, and otherwise working on production for editorial, social, and ecommerce photography.

NYLON Magazine Shop

Ecommerce Buyer & Merchandiser | May 2014 – August 2014 (Internship)

  • I helped refine the shop’s ecommerce presentation, instituting a consistent style guide for merchandising and site copy.
  • I pitched prospective brands and maintained contact lists, communications, and lookbook selections.
  • I handled sample management and helped plan and coordinate shoots for new arrivals and featured merchandise. I also was selected and entrusted with assistant styling features on our merchandise for the print edition of the magazine.
  • I made selections for new merchandise, balancing data-backed analytics with a feel for the Nylon brand and customer.
  • I was given leadership roles over the rest of the intern team, overseeing collaborative efforts and managing workflow in the absence of my supervisor.


New York University

Media, Culture, and Communication BS Program | Steinhardt Scholar | 2011 – 2015

My studies specialized in visual communication and digital media. I took courses relating to fashion branding, social and cause-related marketing, and consumer psychology.